And the Winner is…

This was a tough one. In trying to decide on a winner, we sat in a room and discussed all of the finalists. We talked about the ones that sounded like they would be the most fun to work with. Then the ones we thought had the most exciting theme. Then the ones we thought were most true to the spirit of the contest. Then the ones we thought we could really produce into an over-the-top spectacle. And on and on and on. We all had our favorites, for reasons that were all over the map. Then we all dug in our heels.

And we deadlocked.

We rock-paper-scissored. We pulled rank. After doing everything short of arm-wrestling for it, we finally realized that we just couldn’t decide and looked for a way out. We settled on just putting the names in a hat (well, actually it was one of our Glass Square Vase centerpieces) and agreed to agree on whatever name came out. Cop-out? Definitely.

Without further delay, we would like to introduce you to Dana and Ryan. From now until they tie the knot on September 14, we’ll help you keep tabs on how they are pulling together their dream wedding with a $10,000 assist from Event Rental. After their evening wedding in New Orleans City Park’s Peristyle, they’ll head over to Southport Hall for a reception where their 275+ guests will dance the night away. Stay tuned!

When asked about the theme for their wedding, Dana responded, “we want our ceremony to be sweet & romantic, followed by a fabulous night of dancing & fun … we just want to make our wedding a night that everyone will walk away from going ‘Wow, that was so much fun!'”

Congratulations to Dana and Ryan, and our sincerest thanks to everyone who entered or voted. We were really touched by many, many great submissions. Running a contest of this magnitude was very new for all of us and was a lot of fun. We hope to be able to host more great giveaways in the future.

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Christopher Anton received his education at Oberlin College before ultimately heading to art school for a Bachelors in Interactive Media Design. After running Event Rental for a year and a half, he retreated to a comfortable, quiet, phone-call-free office at the back of Event Rental's New Orleans headquarters. From there, he manages all of the IT needs, print, web and advertising campaign design, and tackles all the general "let's think this through for a second" and "can you write this letter so it sounds fancy" challenges that pop up. While not the perfect moniker to describe the scope of what he does, Vice President is the title currently on his business cards. With a knack for problem solving, process improvements and finding inefficiencies, he is most excited by anything related to monkeys, world travel, ingeniously written copy or brilliant design (two of which lend themselves perfectly to the work of Event Rental).