About Richard


Richard Young has been in the event business for 15 years and over the years his unique approach to event design has contributed greatly to the evolution of the industry in the markets he works. Starting out in the technical end of audio and lighting designs for rave parties in the mid 90's, he has a keen eye on how to transition any space with sound and lights. In addition, Richard has a smart mechanical sense that allows him to engineer the bones for any event space regardless of the obstacles. Currently, Richard still works in the New Orleans office working on the large festivals, but handles most of the larger festivals and special events west of Baton Rouge to Lake Charles.

Written by Richard:

Many events start off with a concept. This is usually in the form of magazine cutouts, Internet info, or just verbal descriptions. Recently in Lafayette, La. we had an organization that wanted to do a burlesque themed gala. Because of a sponsor conflict with that theme, we had to modify it and decided to make Continue Reading...
Europe is always great, especially when you are with fun co-workers and friends (that think they are talking you into this trip). This was my second time in Holland with Chris so I kind of knew the area. However, Jeanne has not so we really needed to show her around a bit. After that it Continue Reading...