Connie G and Creole Soul


Connie G and Creole Soul is an awarded soulful party band, giving their audiences a Funky R&B/Variety show that is incomparable to any other show one will ever experience. They bring you back to the Disco era with all the costumes, afros and hot pants to go along with that groovy music and then in the same show hit you with the funkiest R&B party with all the 70’s ,80’s, 90’s and today’s music…yes, all in one show!! If you ever get the chance to see this high energy stage burning group, you will know you have been funktified! And if that isn’t enough Connie G is famous around the world for her dead on Tribute to Tina Turner! Serving all of Southwest, LA.

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Distinguishing Features
  • Best of the Times 2013
  • member since 2014
  • Festival International 2015
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