Furniture Tips & Tricks

When most people think of furniture, they instantly think of couches and dining room tables. In the industry, furniture generally means tables and chairs. We’ll try to guide you through the process of choosing the best of all of the above for your event.

Quick Stats
  • Regardless of the table size, standard banquet, lecture and round tables are 30" high (ask for leg extensions if you desire a higher table)
  • An 8′ Banquet table is a rectangle that’s 96" long x 30" wide. It accomodates 8 chairs (10 if you add a chair to each end)
  • A 60" Round table is 60" across the top of the table. It accomodates 8 chairs (10 if you are tight for space)
General Seating Guidelines
    Round Banquet (30″ high with collapsible legs)

  • 72" seats 10-12
  • 60" seats 8-10
  • 48" seats 6
    Round Cabaret (30″ high with a single center pole on an X shaped base) and/or Round Highboy (42" high with a single center pole on an X shaped base)

  • 36" seats 5
  • 30" seats 3-4
  • 24" seats 2
    Square Table (30″ high with collapsible legs)

  • 72" seats 12
  • 60" seats 10-12
  • 48" seats 6-8
  • 36" seats 6-8
    Rectangular Table (30″ high with collapsible legs)

  • 8′ banquet (96" x 30") seats 10
  • 6′ banquet (72"x 30") seats 8
  • 8′ lecture (96" x 15") seats 4
  • 6′ lecture (96" x 15") seats 3
How can I get help figuring out how many tables and chairs I need?

Sometimes it’s as easy as knowing the number of guests you have and the size of the room they’ll be seated in. Sometimes it’s even easier:

  • A quick shortcut is to ask your venue how past brides have set the room for guest counts similar to yours.
  • Then ask both your venue and your caterer if they provide tables and chairs (be sure to ask if they charge for them, and if setup is included).
  • If you’re going to be packing a lot of people into a room with obstacles (columns, immovable fixtures, etc), take a floorplan to your rental provider and ask them to help you make a layout.
When would I want furniture other than tables and chairs?

For intimate events, or events that are intended to be over-the-top, traditional seating and tables may be a little too plain. If you want to break up a large space into smaller, more personal areas, lounge furniture is your ticket!

  • Consider creating lounge areas, with two sofas facing eachother and a coffee table in the middle.
  • For smaller dinner parties, look to rent high end dining tables instead of traditional Banquets.
  • Bars are a big focal point at events and can be rented in a variety of cool materials and edgy design styles.

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