Tents Tips & Tricks

If you’re considering getting a tent for your event, you’re one of two people: someone who has never done this before and has a ton of general questions, or you’re a professional who’s used tents a ton of times and has a very obscure, very specific question. We’ll do our best to help you both!

For Beginners: What do I need to know about renting a tent?

No matter who you are renting your tent from, the basic industry questions are the same. If you have answers to most of these on hand when you call in for a quote or a consultation, the process will be much smoother. You’ll probably be asked all of the following:

  • How big is the area you are trying to cover with the tent?
  • Are there any obstructions (trees, light posts, or other fixtures) where the tent will go?
  • What surface will the tent be erected on (concrete, grass, asphalt, etc)?
  • Can the tent be held in place by stakes driven into the ground or will it need to be anchored with water barrels?
  • Do you have a water source available to fill the barrels or will concrete buckets or prefilled barrels need to be used instead?
  • What accessories will you need?
  • Sidewalls, lights, flooring, AC/Heat? 
  • Are permits required for your area? If yes or you’re not sure, would you like the provider to file them for you?
For the Pros: Can I hang a 300 pound gorilla from the tent’s center pole?

We get questions like this a lot. While a lot of answers are case-by-case, we hope to provide tent schematics and diagrams in this area soon to help you figure out exactly where every pole hits, and what weight loads can be supported by different tent types, and where the anchor points are. Stay tuned!

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